NSW businesses send more than 2.5 million tonnes of business waste to landfill each year. The good news is more than 70 per cent of this could be reused or recycled.  Reducing waste is good for business and valuable water, energy and natural resources. By reducing the demand on raw materials you can lessen the impact on the environment and reduce purchasing and waste disposal costs in your business.


NE Waste and member councils are committed to supporting business to reduce their waste through the Business Waste Reduction Project. The benefits to business are often reduced waste disposal costs, a leaner and more sustainable business, and the ability to deliver on customer’s expectations that the businesses they frequent impact minimally on our environment.

The BWRP began in April 2005 and aimed to reduce the amount of waste disposed to landfill from select businesses in the NE Waste region. The project actively transfers the experiences of its participating businesses to other businesses and industry groups across seven local government areas.


 The project has the following objectives:


• To assist businesses across the NE Waste region to implement waste reduction activities;

• To reduce the amount of commercial and industrial waste to landfill across the region;

• To make use of knowledge collected from previous similar projects;

• To share information about business waste reduction across the NE Waste region and if applicable further afield;

• To focus on actions for reducing waste.


You can also find out more about the project by perusing our annual reports and newsletters at here.